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Borderless Lockdown One Minute Video Art (OMVA) 2020, Bangladeshi

Borderless Lockdown

One Minute Video Art (OMVA) 2020

by Artpro Art Initiative

Artist Yeonjeong, South Korea - Mask


instagram: @y_e_o_n_j_e_o_n_g

facebook: @yeonjeong Yeon Jeong

Mask represents each person in the era of pandemic of Covid-19. In the name of nationalism for health care, many countries started to rule people's freedom. In some countries, people are controlled harshly by the army and police of the nation. We are hoping to breath for freedom as well as fresh air. We are dreaming about freedom in street longing for the oppression released. This time evokes and reminds again what human rights are. In the time of Covid-19, mask implies the situation of people drawing a totalitarian mood of social policies in the name of the nation. It’s also evoking the desire of freedom through inserting the sleeping human in streets.

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