• Joan Kim

Yeonjeong experimental videos, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam 2020

Sàn Art and A. Farm

Part I: The deconstruction of memory, the reconstruction of media: Abbreviated collections from experimental moving images, 2007-2014 (30min) Part II: The ruin of capitalism, the haunting of ghost, 2016 (abbreviated version - 30min) --------------------- Yeonjeong experimental videos ▪️Location: Sàn Art, Units B6.16 and B6.17, 6th Floor, Block B Office, Millennium Masteri, Ward 6, District 4, HCMC (enter via Nuyen Huu Hao street) ▪️Date: Thursday 20th February 2020 ▪️Time: doors open at 6:30pm - screening: 7:00 to 8:00pm - Q&A: 8:00-8:30 pm ▪️Language: English --------------------- Film information: Part I: The deconstruction of memory, the reconstruction of media: Abbreviated collections from experimental moving images : <Glance and Focus - Difference and Repetition 1, 2007> In the form of a portrait, "Glance and Focus" collides between shots of city documentation and close-ups capturing people's faces. From the transposition of city/background and portrait/foreground emerges ephemeral repetitions of a floating subject in the city. <Device which fades on the fly, 2008> Taking from experimental animation, this short is created by combining hand-processed film with a digital touch. The bird in the film represents a visual apparatus or device exploring time between the urban environment and an emotional landscape. <Loop the Loop - Difference and Repetition 2, 2008> An experimental documentary dealing with the birth and growth of cities, their different layers of construction and endless circles of labor, eventually losing their meaning and origin. The work was shot in Berlin, London, Seoul and Rotterdam. <Heat Shot 1, 2007> The process of deconstruction by burning 10 year old photographs and negative films of when the artist first began to make art. The film illustrates the process of deconstruction and reconstruction of an artist's personal memory and life, but also questions the use of images as markers of emotions and memory vs their role as a material process. <Hit Stitch- Heat Shot 2, 2007> A continuation of the previous film. Here the act of deconstruction/reconstuction is made through the process of sewing 16mm film of body and space images and by finally reprinting them. <Coddle Coddle-Spring Scandal, 2014> A combination of animation and experimental film exploring the complex nature of psychological mapping. Part II: The ruin of capitalism, the haunting of ghost : Abbreviated version of <And then there were none>, 2016 The film features documentary shots representing the dissipation of a city (Iksan, South Korea, an example of capitalism but also personal memory for the artist) and a performance video of 10 people undertaking 10 ordinary acts. --------------------- Artist information: Yeonjeong deals with installation, photography, sound, text and interdisciplinary mediums in an experimental manner, with a particular focus on performance and video. She aims to make artistic interventions in ordinary life, as well as bring out social and cultural issues in her performances both critically and humorously. She has had 6 solo shows in Thailand, Taiwan and South Korea and participated in numerous exhibitions and performance festivals, including VivaExcon (Philippines), Zero platform intl. performance art festival (Myanmar), Responding: international performance festival and meeting (Japan), Bangkok Biennial (Thailand), Rotterdam intl. film festival (NL), Ankara intl. film festival (Turkey), Naoussa intl. film festival (Greece), Brazil São Paulo contemporary art festival (Brazil). --------------------- Website: www.yeonjeongkim.com

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