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<노점>, 유랑개인전 <Peddler _nomadic street stall> 3rd. 219.07.29

<노점_보따리따라 봉다리 따라> 유랑개인전 3rd  Hakseong Park ( originally Japanese castle ruins) 2019.07.29 

<노점>_보따리 따라 봉다리 따라. 유랑개인전. 여전히 진행중입니다. 세번째는 동백꽃을 따라서... 3rd peddler_nomadic street stall Following to Camellia... The reason of the most old immigrants of Osaka was because of Jeju 4.3. The mourning flower 追慕 ついぼ is Camellia. And in the old Okinawa town, there are many Camellias with even wall paintings. It means missing homeland. Near Okinawa town, there’s the old Korean town. With the help of a historian Yoshiya Makita, I had 2nd peddler in Osaka there. And in the last April, I had 2nd Femicology event in Dongbaek (Camellia) island in Busan. I felt some connections with Camellia so I brought my baggage in Hakseong park (crane castle park) but originally Japanese style (蔚山倭城) in Ulsan. Here’s my actual hometown and also a very special Camellia hometown, 五色八重 散椿/ごしきやえちりつばき. In the same tree, there’re 5 colors leaves of Camellia. It was very special so at 임진왜란 1592 壬辰倭亂,朝鮮征伐, Japanese took all Camellia and dedicated for 도요토미 히데요시 豊臣秀吉. Ironically 400 years later, 1992 this Camellia came back from Kyoto Ji-zo temple 椿寺地蔵院 to Hakseong area (蔚山倭城) of Ulsan, homeland again. And also Camellia oil in beauty is very nutritious for hair so I made a Camellia hair band with plastic for today costume.  

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