• Joan Kim

Device, which fades on the fly; 7th Naoussa International Film Festival, Greece

Σάββατο | Saturday 2/10 18.00 SOMEBODY LIKE US Farzaneh Farshad | Iran PATTERN Jennifer Schwed | USA TEMPORARY EXTENSION Helm Gerlinde | Germany IT'S SO EASY TO REMEMBER Antti Savela | Sweden 4 SEASONS Fotini Velkopoulou | Greece SPAM THE MUSICAL(THE LONELY GIRLS) Boris Eldagsen | Nigeria | Australia | Germany THE SEALED WORLD Toby Tatum | UK WINDSHIELD BABY GAMEBOY MOVIE Clint Enns | Canada DEVICE, WHICH FADES ON THE FLY Yeon Jeong Kim | South Korea CHASING WAVES Paul O Donoghue | Ireland


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