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HOTT LAVA; HIT STITCH-HEAT SHOT 2, 16mm, color, 11min 30, 2007 JUNE 26, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA HOTT LAVA is a night of experimental film straddling the avant-garde & the trashy, showcasing the work of contemporary filmmakers as well as classic underground films otherwise sequestered to low-grade bootlegs & academic archives. Each event consists of a cherry picked selection of short films followed by a live musical performance by artists of note. FRIDAY, JUNE 26 will feature filmmakers KEN JACOBS, JOHNNY APRICOT, MARTHA COLBURN, TRAVIS GALLOWAY, SEAN PATRICK, ALIVIA ZIVICH, YEONJEONG KIM, TOM BUCKHOLZ, WHOLPHIN, and DOUGLAS COLLINS. DAVID DANIELL & DOUGLAS MCCOMBS of THRILL JOCKEY RECORDS will perform.

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작가노트 <봉지가방 2020>

연정 개인전 _ <봉지가방 Market bag 2020> 2020.09.09-09.25 아트랩부산 ArtlabBusan open: 수.목.금 pm 12-5 설치, 사진, 영상, 퍼포먼스 Installation, Performance, Photography, Video 일회용 비닐봉지로 새로운 가방을 만들고 현대예술과 대중문화 광고의 형식을 빌어 자본주의 소

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