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Berlin Asian hot shots film and video festival 2009; Device, which fades on the fly

Berlin asian hot shots film and video festival

;2009. 01.13-01.18 Germany

The 2nd Asian Hot Shots Berlin is going to take place

in the the cinemas Babylon Mitte and Z-inema.

Short Asia

-Device, which fades on the fly, 7min, 2008, yeonjeong kim

In experimental animation mood, It is made combining with the hand-processing technique on the film surface and digital touch. The bird in the film represents a visual apparatus or device exploring the time between the urban environment and emotional landscape. Südkorea 2008, Dir.: YeonJeong KIM, 7 min Entstanden aus dem Experimentieren mit ‚hand-processing‘ und digitalen Techniken, erkundet KIMs Film die Räume zwischen urbanen Umgebungen und emotionalen Landschaften.

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