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An overview of this year's film selection, which features new work by Luke Fowler, Charlotte Pryce, Ken Jacobs, YeonJeong Kim and many others, is now on the AURORA website (with full film synopses to follow). For the first time, the selection includes five new installation works, by RJ Hinrichsen, Elizabeth McAlpine, Vicki Thornton, Audhild Dahlstrøm and Karen Gaskill.

**Selection; Subject Index

- HEAT SHOT 3; MASKING FOR SERENE VELOCITY, 11min, 35mm, 2008 by yeonjeong kim Compulsive experiments, counting games and found-footage adventures abound in this programme which looks at the index both as system of organisation and as record of actions committed. Date Time Venue Ticket type Saturday 15 November 2008 11:00: Screen 1 Standard Saturday 15 November 2008 21:30: Screen 3 Standard

#Aurora #experimentalfilm

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