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Heat shot 2-Hit Stitch


<Hit Stitch-Heat Shot 2, 16mm Blue&Yellow 2 prints, color, 11min



이 작품은 신체와 공간의 이미지들을 재현하고 있는 16미리 필름을 재봉틀로 박고, 꿰매고, 다시 뜯어내고, 다시 필름으로 재 프린팅 하는 과정을 통해 만들어졌다. 프로젝션 시 2대 혹은 3대의 프로젝트를 이용하여 바느질의 흔적부분들이 운동하는 즉흥적인 변주로도 상영되었다.  

“Heat Shot 1,2 “ is a pair work and also independent pieces. Both are originally made by film but sometimes they have been shown through various projections such as video version with sound and two or triple projections with improvisational sound performance. Especially, “Heat Shot 2” was shown with triple projections composed of one loop projection of just stitch image and two versions of print image in this January, 38th Rotterdam film festival. It is a trial to expand film medium mixed with performance and improvisational sound.

Heat Shot 2.jpg
Hit Stitch 02.jpg
Hit Stitch 04.jpg
Hit Stitch 05.jpg
Hit Stitch 06.jpg
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