Recent Works
<666 for 6>
On & Off line Solo exhibition,
Tentacles gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
개인전, 방콕, 태국
2018.01 JAN
상자의 길  The roads of boxes
Pier2 art center, Kaoushung, Taiwan
Performance , Collaboration with Hanseng Chen
<Yeonjeong experimental videos>
182 art space, Tainan, Taiwan
Opening performance 
The last farm boy, Hanseng Chen solo exhibition, Yiri art
Kaoushung, Taiwan 
<Bibliomania 2018>
suxury, art book exhibition, 06.23
Tentacles gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
<Bangkok Biennale 2018>
No bag, HD video, 06.21
Bangkok, Thailand
<VivaExcon Biennale 2018>, Performance, Roxas city, Philppines
<Balance>, Orange project, Bacolod, Philppines 2018.11.20-2019.01.20
<Zero international performance festival of Myanmar>,  performance, Yangon, Myanmar 2018.12
<2nd Femicology_Light my fire>, Producer, Busan, Korea 2019.04
<FEMIS_Femicology Moving Image Screening>, Producer, Busan,Korea 2020
International Residency
Tentacles Residency
Bangkok, Thailand
2018.02  FEB
Ruang Mes 56 Residency
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2018.10-11.30 residency 
Overlab * University of St. la salle , Bacolod, Philippines
New zero art space, Yangon, Myanmar
2020. 02, Ho chi minh, Vietnam
International festival & exhibition
<R2_Responding; international performance festival and meeting>, performance, Osaka, Japan  2019.06
3rd Femicology_Tsushima 대마도, 08.10.2019, Japan
Above the clouds international  live  art festival, 08.22-09.09, China
4th Femicology_Tainan, 타이난, 대만, 09.10,2019 Tainan, Taiwan
ig^kas * R2; Responding performance art festival, Gapan, Manila, Philippines  2019.09.16-09.26

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